Growing up in Tenderloin, CA

We Are Tenderloin

Unrelenting advocates for our children’s future

The Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, CA  is experiencing a gradual resurgence. This vibrant and culturally diverse community is a wellspring of civic advocacy and innovation. Development projects, community organizing, and policy advancement are at work repainting a disparaging outlook and sowing hope for future generations.

The people of the Tenderloin are conscientious agents of change, guarding its growth against the downsides of gentrification to ensure the preservation of affordable housing, a reimagined future for those that are homeless and an equitable, brighter life for all of its residents.

However, even in its alchemy, old paths have remained unchanged. The Tenderloin has yet to entirely shed the skin of a more sordid past. Segments of this neighborhood threaten locals with violence, open drug use and sales, and prostitution. The persistent presence of these adversities urges an unrelenting struggle to, at least, shield the most vulnerable — our children.

Every child has a right to a safe and peaceful childhood

Growing up disadvantaged in an underserved neighborhood should not be suffered by any child at any point of their lives. Still, the children of the Tenderloin are repeatedly exposed to dangerous conditions that taint their innocence and lowers hope for a brighter future.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that the cumulative impact of adverse childhood experiences is detrimental to a child’s wellbeing, educational and occupational attainment, behavior, and mental health.

Fortunately, early and even moderate interventions can help mitigate some of the trauma that stems from growing up in an unhealthy environment. Research suggests that actions as small as “just one caring, safe relationship early in life gives any child a much better shot at growing up healthy.” Institutions like quality schools, after-school programs, youth centers, mentoring programs are thus charged with serving as safe havens for our children.

Weekend Adventures joins Tenderloin’s community leaders in a pivotal movement to safeguard our children.  We recognize that there are actions we can take now to protect and elevate young lives.

On the weekends, when exposure to drug abuse and crime is heightened, Weekend Adventure steps in with programs that immerse our children in enriching environments.

We believe – as I’m sure you do – that every child has a right to a safe, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

Our adventures into the arts, science, and the outdoors offer our children a chance at a brighter outlook. An outlook that induces hope raises aspirations and helps build resilience and grit that will carry them into the future.

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