We are Weekend-Adventures

We believe - as you do - that every child has a right to a triumphant future.


Is to create opportunities for youth and children to explore what’s possible for themselves and their lives that motivate and empower them to create a life of their choosing. 



Our vision is to end generational poverty in black and brown communities.

Weekend-Adventures (W-A) is a fiscally sponsored program of the Social Good Fund since 2018. W-A serves children and youth grades, third through eighth, with life shifting adventures in the arts, sciences and the outdoors. Our trips are designed to show our youth that they belong in safe, fun spaces that are free from stress (adversity), violence and drugs. 


We provide each child with opportunities to explore and immerse in enriching adventures-to experience a world with limitless possibilities.


We encourage each child to think big, ask tough questions and become fearless agents of social change.


We equip each child with the tools to be confident leaders, standing strong in their beliefs.


We provide roadmaps that uncover avenues for our children to build a future of their own design.

Weekend-Adventures Core Values


Our programs are a place where everyone feels safe to explore their interests and test what we know and don’t know.


We give our participants the self-confidence to take on new projects and adventures in school and play.


We connect our participants to each other and the environment.

Lived Experiences

We cultivate an environment where we honor each other’s life experiences so that they can see the value in themselves and others.


We provide exciting activities where participants are introduced to and develop an appreciation for the multicultural diversity of our world.

Fun and Play

We understand that the best adventures are filled with laughter, play, and fun.

Founding Director, Adama Bryant speaks about her vision for Weekend-Adventures.

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Our Team

The world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life, but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.

-Robert Kennedy

Adama Bryant

Founding Director

Adama is a native San Franciscan, mother of three and long time champion for youth and children.

Since the late 90’s Adama has spent countless hours volunteering in the SFUSD classrooms and chaperoning school field trips. Working with children has always brought great joy to Adama.

In 2014, Adama earned her graduate degree from The University of San Francisco. As she walked across the stage receiving her degree, Weekend Adventures was born.

Donovan Funston

Advisory Board Member

Donovan is the President/CEO of Funston Tile, Inc., a second generation family owned commercial ceramic tile installation contracting company in Santa Clara. Over the past decade, Donovan has organized numerous charity events, helping to raise nearly two million dollars for multiple charitable organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Donovan lives in San Francisco. He explores his passion for food as an amateur gourmet chef.

Jennifer Greene

Advisory Board Member

Greene is with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and is passionate about co-creating National Park experiences with community partners to engage and inspire our youth!